Aluminium Macbook Holder


Finally, an aluminium Macbook holder with a discrete and sleek design, fitting into any household or home office vibe, that doesn’t take up a ton of room on your desk. The non-slip silicone mat on the top of the grooves helps your Macbook, phone or touchpad stay in place.

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Aluminium Macbook Holder

There are screws on the bottom of the holder, so you can adjust the dock size to work for you using a screwdriver. The dock size can be adjusted to 0.48 inches to 2.68 inches in width.
Make your life easier, and stop balancing your phone against a wall to hold it upright.
The double-sided holder means you can stand your Macbook up, as well as a touchpad or phone on the other side for convenience.

  • Made of aluminium alloy and silica gel.
  • Adjustable dock size, requiring a screwdriver for adjustments.
  • Non-slip silicone mat.

Aluminium Macbook Holder Aluminium Macbook Holder side view 2 scaled Aluminium Macbook Holder top view 2 scaled Aluminium Macbook Holder lateral 2 scaled Aluminium Macbook Holder closeup 2 scaled Aluminium Macbook Holder grey 2 scaled Aluminium Macbook Holder black scaled


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