Brass Pen Holder


A classy brass pen holder that will undoubtedly one-up your current one – an old mug.

  • Great design, hexagonal prism shape
  • Versatile, perfect for storage or home office decor
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Shiny, brass finish

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The hexagonal prism shape will add dimension to your home office decor, while the shiny brass finish adds color.

Made of sturdy stainless steel, the pen holder is the perfect size to fit your favorite stationery, while not taking up too much space on your desk.

Not only is this the perfect pen holder, it can act as a vase, home decor or even bathroom storage.

Size: height =105mm, rectangular face width = 31.5mm.

Brass Pen Holder Brass Pen Holder 2 scaled Brass Pen Holder 3 scaled Brass Pen Holder for home office Brass Pen Holder 5 scaled Brass Pen Holder hexagonal shaped Brass Pen Holder 7 scaled Brass Pen Holder 8 scaled Brass Pen Holder 9 scaled Brass Pen Holder 10 scaled


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