Mi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker
Mi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker

Mi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker


The Mi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker plays your music while wirelessly charging your phone. Connect to the device via Bluetooth 5.0, and simply sit your phone on the front face of the speaker to charge it. The dual high-power speakers produce quality sound, while the 30W charger delivers a fast charge. There is a charging indicator light and external power and volume buttons, as well as a microphone that supports voice calls, on the top of the speaker. The speaker has short-circuit and temperature protection. Compatible with devices that have Qi wireless charging protocol. The speaker’s charging cord is included in your purchase.

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Mi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker

Convenient and practical, enables mobile phones charging while listening to music. Compatible with most devices that support wireless charging.

  • Dual high-power speakers.
  • Connects via Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 30W charger.
  • Charging indicator light, microphone, power and volume buttons.
  • Short-circuit and temperature protection.

Universal fast charge, compatible with most wireless charging devices. Provides 30W max peak wireless charging. For other models, due to different firmware versions, the highest power that can be achieved is based on actual conditions.

Wireless charging works also with the mobile phone cover or case. Compliant with Qi wireless charging compatible mobile phones and smart devices.

Dual passive bass booster
Built-in 2 pieces 5W high power neodymium iron boron inner magnetic speakers for great sound!



Built-in microphone
Supports high-quality voice calls.

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Docking station or standing positioning

  • Can be used as a mobile phone stand or holder
  • 20º visual elevation
  • Professional speaker cover design




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