Nebula Pocket Projector



The Nebula Pocket Projector is a smart home cinema player that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Using Android it plays content from your favorite video streaming app or mirrors your phone’s screen to create a remarkably detailed picture up to 100 inches big.

Enjoy stunning picture and sound, whenever you want, wherever you are!

  • Compact form factor, award winning soda-can design
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Omni-directional sound
  • Android OS
  • 4 hours of continuous video playtime
  • Broad connectivity
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About Nebula Pocket Projector

Award Winning Cutting-Edge Soda-Can Design

  • Sleek, compact and portable
  • Capsule unleashes a world of entertainment possibilities beyond the confines of your home
  • Enjoy movie night in your back garden, at the campsite, or even on the beach
  • Just slip it into your pack for truly unbridled entertainment






Enlarge Your Entertainment

Enjoy your entertainment.

Capsule’s 100 ANSI lumen bulb is capable.

The way you were always meant to: on a BIG, BRIGHT screen. Projecting a picture of gigantic proportions—100 inches to be exact.



Feature-Length Playtime

With Capsule’s 4-hour video playtime, you can watch any film from beginning to end, be it a certain thrilling sequel you can’t stop watching or a space epic set in a galaxy far, far away, you will always see the credits roll.


Enjoy Big-Screen Entertainment, Anywhere

Make the Great Outdoor Greater. Transform Any Space Into a Theater. Big Screen Gaming-Anywhere.




360° Sound

A powerful omnidirectional speaker captures every beat of the action. Whether it’s an explosive action scene or a whispered exchange between long-lost lovers, the capsule ensures you’ll never miss a moment.





Dedicated Control App
Operate the Nebula Pocket Projector directly from your phone with the ‘Capsule Control’ app available on Google Play and the App Store.
Big Screen Gaming-Anywhere.



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